Travel Insurance: True Stories From Real Customers


We’re often asked by clients whether or not we think they should purchase travel insurance. Many customers think insurance is just for cancellation reasons and will say things to us like, “I’m not going to cancel so I think I’ll skip the insurance.” To us, cancellation is a good reason to ask about travel insurance, but an even more important reason is the unknown. Disasters, bad weather, medical issues and other things out of our control happen every day. That’s the best reason to be protected.

To illustrate further how travel insurance was a huge benefit when “unknown” things happen, we offer you two true stories from AIG/Travel Guard customers:

Surfers Marooned in Mexico after Hurricane Odile Strikes
Six insured clients on vacation in the popular surfing destination of Scorpion Bay, Baja, Mexico, were left stranded a few days after Hurricane Odile hit the region and ravaged roads and transportation. The clients called AIG Travel for assistance, and the Global Security team monitored the area in order to communicate timely updates for the clients to understand road travel and airport operations. The team assisted the clients over the phone and via email while they self-evacuated, and monitored the clients’ movements until they safely made it home to the United States.

Students Abroad in Germany Caught in Devastating Floods
While on a month-long university trip in Central Europe, 13 insured student travelers were staying in the southern Bavaria region of Germany when ongoing flooding deluged the region. The flooding was the third-worst recorded incident of flooding in Central Europe since 1856. AIG Travel’s Global Security team was contacted for help and immediately researched accommodations in the Bavaria region to establish locations that had not been compromised by the flooding. The team called the students, parents and university administrators on a daily basis with updates on weather forecasts, possible relocation points and operational airports. As soon as the Global Security team determined that the situation in southern Germany had improved and commercial transportation out of the region was readily available, they provided multiple verified transportation options for the students to safely return home.

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