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A city break sounds good. But a succession of cities sounds even better. And this is exactly what you can look forward to when you get on board an A-ROSA ship. The best crêpes in the city? Shopping streets that will set your heart racing? Or how about that quirky museum you’ve heard so much about?

Everything is practically at the doorstep of your hotel room. Our berths in the major cities of Europe are mostly in the very centre of the city. So, arrive in the city, grab your handbag or backpack, and get going! Take photos, make memories, experience the city! Alone or on guided tours. By foot or on an A-ROSA bicycle. Your holiday, your decision.

And as your premium hotel moves from city to city, you have everything you would expect from a premium hotel on deck – views of the spectacular landscape, delicious drinks, minigolf, a spa and a whole lot of sunshine. Whether you’re in your spacious cabin, at the pool or in the restaurant. Simply drift along and enjoy your dream holiday, which has just become a reality.


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  A-ROSA Alva
  A-ROSA Aqua
  A-ROSA Bella
  A-ROSA Brava
  A-ROSA Donna
  A-ROSA Flora
  A-ROSA Luna
  A-ROSA Mia
  A-ROSA Riva
  A-ROSA Sena
  A-ROSA Silva
  A-ROSA Stella
  A-ROSA Viva

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