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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many reasons to use a travel agency, but here are a few of the big ones:

1) In most cases, we charge the same rates (if not less) than you would pay to book the travel yourself.
2) We do all the work for you and save you the time and stress of putting all the pieces of a vacation together.
3) Our company has access to the widest variety of options and therefore can bring you the best options and prices for your trip.
4) Each certified travel consultant is an expert in their field and will use their knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your time and money.
5) We are your one-stop shop. We can book airfare, hotel accommodations, tickets and anything else you might need. You could spend days doing it yourself or you can let us do it all and organize it neatly for you.
6) We are your advocate should there be any problems.

For more reasons why you should use an agent, and specifically Premier Custom Travel, please visit this page: Why Us?

In most cases, we do not charge a fee to book your travel. Additional fees are only added by our company when we book certain custom itineraries or vacation options that do not pay a commission. When these fees are required, they will be quoted in your price.

We are also happy to give you a free estimate for your vacation. However, if multiple estimates or destinations are requested, we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee. Any estimate fees charged will be applied towards any bookings you make.

We do list prices in many cases, but many factors can change the price of travel services. Also, some specials and "private" fares my have restrictions on how we can advertise them. Where possible, we reference base prices. However, to avoid giving you outdated information or incorrect prices and to avoid confusion, we prefer to give you specific pricing when you contact us.

Many of our vacation packages are available to book online. However, we strongly recommend booking with a live agent to reduce any possible errors or ommissions. Our agents are available 24/7 in most cases via phone and/or e-mail.

There are a number of reasons this may have happened, but generally, it's because a supplier raised their price before the service was booked. For example, tickets to Broadway shows cannot be held back, so any seat locations or prices we quote you are based on availability. If you do not book right away, you may lose those seats and/or prices. This is why we suggest booking as quickly as possible.

Payment options depend on the services purchased. For some custom vacations, payment is due when we book your itinerary. Some packages, such as cruises, Globus tours and Disney vacations, may allow you to pay a deposit up front and the remainder of the balance before departure. If this option is available with your package, you will be notified.

Many of our vacation packages, including cruises, Globus tours and Disney vacations, allow for you to make a deposit up front and then payments along the way, similar to a layaway plan. We will be happy to explore this option with you where available. When applicable, our layaway plans do not incur interest or extra charges and often do not even have regular or structured payments. With most, you pay as much as you want whenever you want, as long as the full balance is paid by the final due date.

We glady accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Generally, airfare, hotels and cruises can be booked up to one year in advance. Show and excursion tickets vary greatly, but most only sell tickets from six months to one year in advance. Please contact us for more information.

In most cases, we can take over existing reservations and help you from that point forward. Please contact us with your reservation/confirmation numbers for more information. Please note that we do not charge anything to take over a reservation and your trip's features and pricing are not increased or changed in any way when we take over the reservation.