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Friendship Awards Program

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A referral is the highest compliment a customer can give us and we're very grateful for each one we receive. Now, we're taking our "thank you" to the next level with the Premier Custom Travel Friendship Awards Program. Every time a new referral books, you both benefit. They'll get the same great service that led you to send them our way in the first place, and you'll earn a "thank you" credit towards your next trip. Best of all, as long as they remain a customer with us, you'll continue to benefit on each trip they take!

Here's how it works:

Premier Custom Travel Friendship Awards Program Bullet Points

Earn credit for any of the following vacations:

  • Cruises
  • Disney Vacations
  • Worldwide destinations from these brands:

  • UNLIMITED REWARDS - There's no limit to the amount of savings you can earn - even if you get your vacation for FREE! Plus, keep an eye out for "bonus" opportunities where you can earn even more credit.

    TRAVEL FOR FREE - Want to earn a free trip faster? Ask us about group travel options and how they could earn you a heavily discounted or even complimentary vacation!





    The Premier Custom Friendship Awards Program works as follows:

    1. In order to receive credit for referrals, you must be registered for the program. Registration is free, easy and open to anyone.

    2. Once registered, you will receive your login information by e-mail and a free "referral kit" in the mail a few days later. The included items will make sending us new customers even easier. Run out of referral cards or brochures? Just let us know by calling us or sending us an e-mail and we'll gladly send you more.

    3. Any new customer that books with Premier Custom Travel after your registration date and cites you as their referral source will earn you credit. You may also pre-register a referral by filling out the online referral form. We will then link your name to their account so any future bookings with us will also earn you credit. As long as they stay a customer with Premier Custom Travel, you'll continue to earn more and more!

    So exactly how much can you earn? That depends on how much your referral spends with us. You will earn 1% of the gross amount they spend on their vacation package, not including airfare and some add-on components. For example, a package with a gross of $5000 would earn you $50 credit. If your friend books a package worth $10,000 then you'd earn $100. We've had customers book vacations valued at up to $140,000. If you had referred that package, you would have earned $1400 in credit! It adds up quickly and remember that you earn every time they travel! Credits are considered "earned" on the day they depart for their trip and you will have 24 months to spend that credit with us once it's earned. At any time, you can log in and view your account summary to see your available balance, pending transactions and even a list of people you've referred.


    Q: Do I get additional credit if the person I refer books more than one reservation/room/cabin?

    A: Yes. As long as the bookings are part of the same reservation, you will receive credit for the entire booking. For example, if a customer books four cruise cabins under one reservation number, those would all earn credit for you. However, if they book a cruise and invite friends or family who then book separate reservations, you would only receive credit for the person you referred.

    Q: What constitutes a "new" customer?

    A: A new customer is defined as anyone who has not traveled on a reservation booked by Premier Custom Travel within the past five years and has never been referred by a program member.

    Q: Can I refer more than one person in the same family? A: Yes, you may refer as many people as you wish. However, you may only receive credit for one person on each reservation. For example, if you were to refer both a husband and wife and they travel together, you would only receive one credit for that vacation. But if they travel separately, you'd get a credit for each vacation. As long as your referral's name appears on a reservation as a traveler, you'll receive credit.

    Q: What happens if my referral cancels? Will I lose my credit?

    A: Credits are considered "earned" on the day your referral departs for their trip. Once this happens, you cannot lose the credit, even if they cut their trip short or make changes to their reservation.

    Q: How can I use my credit?

    A: When you're ready to apply your credit to a vacation, simply give us a call. You may use the credit as a final payment on any of the following trips:

  • Cruises
  • Disney Vacations
  • Worldwide destinations from these brands:

  • Don't see your vacation option on the list? Ask us - it may be eligible for the program. Please note that your credit will be applied to your final payment and may not be used for a deposit.

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    The lawyers made us add this:


    1. Only registered members of the Friendship Awards Program are eligible to receive the benefits of the program. Only reservations made after the referring member's registration date are eligible.

    2. Credit is earned on the day your referral departs for their trip and is valid for 24 months from that date. Credit expires on their date of travel two years later. Only one credit can be earned per reservation regardless of the number of referred customers traveling on that reservation.

    3. Each new customer may only be referred by one person and only one person can receive a credit for each referral. Customers may not refer themselves. Once a customer is referred, they will continue to earn credit for the referrer as long as they book eligible travel with Premier Custom Travel.

    4. For the member to receive credit, the person making the referred reservation must either be pre-referred by the referring party or inform Premier Custom Travel of the name of the referring party prior to making their initial (first) payment or deposit. Referrals will not be honored retroactively after a deposit has been placed. No exceptions to this policy.

    5. Referral credit is equal to 1% of total vacation gross excluding airfare, shore excursions and any other "non-commissionable" add-ons.

    6. A customer is considered "new" only if they have not traveled on an itinerary booked by Premier Custom Travel in the last five years, whether they were the lead guest or a secondary traveler, and have never been referred by another customer.

    7. Credits have no cash value, may not be redeemed for cash and are non-transferrable and non-refundable once applied to a reservation. Credits from multiple accounts may not be applied to the same reservation. There is no limit to the amount of credit that can be earned but only one account's balance may be applied to any reservation. In order for credit to apply, travel by both parties (the referral and the person using the credit) must be booked through Premier Custom Travel.

    8. This program may be amended or canceled at any time. If the program ends, all earned credits will be honored but no new credits will be issued.

    9. Vacation package must have a minimum value of $500 to qualify for a referral credit.

    10. Premier Custom Travel reserves the right to limit "bulk" or "pre-emptive" referrals. Please only refer those parties who would reasonably be looking to contact us within a few weeks of the referral.

    11. In the event that travelers on the same reservation are referred by different people, the credit will be split evenly between the two referring parties. For example, John and Jane book a trip together. John had been referred by Bill and Jane had been referred by Ellen. If they book a $10,000 trip, each referrer would split the resulting credit 50% each. In any case where there are people traveling on the same reservation referred by different people, the credit shall be split evenly amongst the referrers. Any credit not earned by another party defaults to the referrer of the lead guest on the reservation.

    12. Void where prohibited by law or supplier policy.

    13. Premier Custom Travel reserves the right to modify the rules and parameters of this program at any time.

    Have questions about the program? We're happy to answer them. Need more brochures or referral cards? No problem! Just give us a call at (281) 301-5818 or e-mail us at